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Cabinet de Vin SAPPORO


Cabinet de Vin SAPPORO

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Direct import of wines from the warehouse from the Centre-Loire region of Loire, France & Burgundy

Spring 2024 Burgundy directly imported wine is now in stock!


Direct Import

Directly imported from the region with products selected by our buyers.
Loire wines are from the warehouse. Burgundy wines are imported through warehouses and wine merchants.

We consistently control the quality of our own imported wines from the local market. We take care of temperature control at every stage of the process, including local pickup, control at the port of departure (CY), international transportation (by sea [reefer]), domestic customs clearance and quarantine (CFS), and domestic transportation.


Storage 24H management in our own warehouse

(Display only for in-store sales)

After importation, we store wines in our dedicated warehouse, specially created.

Temperature and humidity are controlled 24 hours a day, sunlight is blocked, and the floor is made of concrete to prevent vibration.

We only deliver what is sold over-the-counter to our stores.


Cabinet de Vin SAPPORO


We have a large selection of the highest quality wines directly imported from our store from Loire and Burgundy, France.

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Our sommelier & sommeliere will support you in your wine selection as only a Loire wine specialty store can. Please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

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Cabinet de Vin SAPPORO

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Weekdays 12:00-20:00
​Saturday   12:00-18:00

Closed: Sundays and holidays

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