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Cabinet de vin 店舗

Cabinet de Vin SAPPORO



- Sommelier&Sommeliere -

Our sommelier and sommeliere staff at Cabinet de Vin SAPPORO, who are well versed in Loire and Burgundy wines, will assist you in selecting the perfect wine for you.

Sommelier Toshikaze Otoko

General Manager / Senior Sommelier

Toshikaze Otoko

・Japan Sommelier Association Certified Senior Sommelier
・S.S.I. Sake Taster
・Japanese Wine Certification Level 1 Japanese Wine Meister
・Wine buyer for 12 years
・Wine Instructor for 20 years

Professional Advisor at Sapporo Kanko Bridal and Confectionery ・College, Hotel Department  2016~

Wine Instructor, COOP-SAPPORO Central Culture Class

Published in Dokkoiso Nippon

Lecturer at UHB University

Wine Instructor at Little Tree Takeaway 

Commanderie de Bordeaux

Wine appraiser

​Wine Instructor at NHK Culture Center Sapporo 2011 - 2023

Wine Meister, Moldova Agri & Radachini

~Sommelier Toshikaze Otoko Appraisal Wine~


We have prepared a special section for those who know the true value of wine. It is a special selection of wines obtained from auctions and collectors. These are the best wines that I have visited and appraised locally without compromising on quality.

As a wine expert, I will help you select wines that will truly satisfy you.

Vintage wine cellar

Click on the image for a list of wines appraised

(*We do not sell online. - sold out notice - Please ask at the store if you wish to purchase)

Senior sommelier Toshikaze Otoko will be available for wine consultation! <Reservation required>

We offer consultation on all aspects of wine. Cultivation, importation, management, marriage, assessment, history, wine lists, etc.

Please make an appointment as we are not always in the store. Please feel free to contact us (30 minutes).

大床 敏風 シニアソムリエ
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Maki Takeda:

Japan Sommelier Association Certified Wine Expert

Mayu Kubota:

Japan Sommelier Association Certified Wine Expert & Sommelier

Shiori Sato:

Japan Sommelier Association Certified Sommelier


Yuna Sakamoto: Sommelier apprentice

~ Staff's Recommended wine ~

Coming Soon

Our professional sommelier will support you in your wine selection.

We support your first purchase of Loire wines, consultations for gifts, and helping you find the wine that suits you. Please feel free to contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: There is some sediment at the bottom of the wine, is it okay?

A1: It is called wine lees, and is the sedimentation of proteins and polyphenols, the wine's flavor components, at the bottom of the bottle. It is an inevitable part of the process of mellowing wine as it ages, and in any case, it is an essential part of wine's flavor components.

Q2: I see what looks like glass crystals in the wine and on the cork.

A2: "Tartaric acid," or "tartar," is a combination of the acid and mineral components of wine that have turned into crystals. This occurs when the wine has been perfectly preserved, and can settle at the bottom of the wine or adhere to the back of the cork. Please be assured that this is a natural component of wine and does not affect the human body. This sparkling substance is called "tartaric acid" and is sometimes called "wine diamond" in Europe. It is rough in the mouth, so please avoid getting it in your glass.

Q3: When I tried to uncork the bottle, the cork was covered with mold. Is there a quality problem?

A3: Proper wine storage requires a high humidity of around 70%, which can often lead to mold growth. However, as long as the cork is securely sealed, mold is unlikely to penetrate inside. Simply wiping it off should not pose a problem.

Q4: Wine is leaking from the cork...

A4: For example, storing wine in summer or in an extremely hot place can cause the air inside the bottle to expand, pushing the cork up and causing it to leak. Wine is a very delicate drink, so please take extra care in managing it at home.

Q5: How do you store wine?

A5: There are three conditions for optimal wine storage. They are "temperature", "light", and "humidity". The optimal "temperature" is between 13 and 15 degrees Celsius, and wine will deteriorate if the temperature is too hot or too cold. Wine is also sensitive to "light", so it should be stored in a dark place away from light as much as possible and should not be exposed to ultraviolet rays. And finally, "humidity". If stored in a dry place, the cork will dry out and shrink, allowing air to enter through it and oxidize the wine. The ideal humidity is 65-80%.

It is difficult to find a storage place in the house that meets all of these conditions, but during the hot summer months when the indoor temperature exceeds 30°C, it is best to wrap the wine bottle around several layers of newspaper to shield it from light and retain moisture, and lay it in the back of the refrigerator for storage. If the refrigerator is too full to put them in, store them in a dark place under the floor or in a room on the north side of the house where the room temperature is as low as possible.


Store information

 ― 店舗情報 ―

Cabinet de vin 店舗
Cabinet de vin店舗


Cabinet de Vin SAPPORO


Sapporo Clock Tower B1F, Kita 1-jo Nishi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Sapporo 060-0001



Business hours

12:00-20:00 (weekdays)
12:00-18:00 (Sat)



Credit card

Various types available

Electronic money



・10 minutes walk from JR "Sapporo Station", Exit 9
・2 minutes walk from the Nanboku Line, "Odori Station", Exit toward City Hall
・2 minutes walk
 from the Touzai Line, "Odori Station", Exit toward City Hall
・2 minutes walk
 from the Touhou Line, "Odori Station", Exit toward City Hall

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